What we delivered
Brand Design, Sales & Marketing, UI/UX Design,
Website & Product Development
bSecure is a one-click checkout solution for your business with a strong focus on security and unifying major payment methods.
We bring everything together that’s required to manage and streamline your product checkout for an instant buying experience. A security-centric approach with every transaction encrypted and never compromising on transparency of user needs and expectations.
Logo Process
Designing the logo, the key factors in our mind was to not only keep the logo elegantly simple, but it needs to reflect the brand identity showcasing a strong level of security and faithfulness.
The brand identity is crafted with artistic yet subtle use of the vibrant colour palette and refined typography which all reflect the key factors which we had while designing the logo. Initially, it was important to create a brand guide for using the design system in order to promote the brand according to right identity. So, branding for bSecure included a good deal of things like color scheme, typography, swags and brand accessories etc. Overall process was important to complete before moving towards the process of product design and eventually development.
UI/UX Design
Kick started and launched bSecure as a one-click checkout solution for selling products all across the globe instantly. After few months of non-stop handwork with sole determination of making this brand a success, we were able to successfully established bSecure as one the the leading checkout solution in Pakistan. Starting such a project that too from scratch was a huge challenge. Anything related to online payments is such a risk that we had to carefully manage each and every detail and requirement while making the sure our users love the journey. Along with checkout, we had to create dashboards and portals for the company and for merchants to manage and track the relevant activities
Checkout Solution
The checkout journey was crucial to the launch of bSecure which involved many factors like researching how online payments works on global scale, designing a scalable journey, integrating leading payment gateways and later enabling E-commerce sector to use the bSecure checkout. Our checkout journey for new and returning customer was twice as fast (20s) compared to normal checkout journey (41s)
Dashboards & Portals
Along the with checkout journey, it was important to build dashboards for bSecure and for our merchants to manage and analyse the incoming data and monitor activity on their platforms. We had to develop both portals side by side and fair to say, we knocked it out of the park.